How to set up an eCommerce platform and promote it

We have some exciting news! While we started off as a marketing agency to farriers, in the last few years, we’ve really grown away from this. We’ve taken on some exciting clients recently, and have even been asked to build out and promote our first e-commerce website. The website will allow people from all over the United States to call a psychic. The user will be paying for each psychic reading, and the total cost will depend on the length of the call. Needless to say, this is a huge project for us!

What we’re doing

psychic reading sitesI really want to outline some of the actions we’re taking right now, in the hope of helping some other marketing agencies out there struggling to expand their expertise.

The first step has been building out the ecommerce website. We used WooThemes and a WordPress theme to build the website. This plugin makes the whole process incredibly easy and takes away the need to understand complex coding.

Since most of the business will be done over the phone, we’re creating the website more as a way to communicate with people wanting a psychic reading but not sure how to get one. For example, we’ll be adding posts to the website that provide the user some of the best California Psychics reviews. This will help make the decision of whether to call or not much easier.

What’s our next step

We contacted several customers and asked for a testimonial. We wanted the testimonials to appear very natural, and used this California Psychics Testimonial as a template. So far we’ve collected close to 20 testimonials which we’ll be uploading to YouTube this week. We’re just waiting for some of our people to edit the videos to make them look a little more professional.

Over the next few weeks, we’re helping our client to hire new tarot readers and putting in place a system where they can offer a free accurate love tarot reading online to new clients. This is incredibly fun to build out, as it will really add value to so many people’s lives.

I really hope that this post has provided a lot of value to some of you. I know similar posts by other blogs have done the same for me, so this is me hoping I’m returning the favor with this blog. If you have any questions about our service, or the psychic service, just send me an email and I’ll try to respond.

How To Improve Your Brand Awareness For Customers – Locksmith Case Study

We’re a small office, so we don’t really have a receptionist or a security guard patrolling the premises. We have a rule in the office that whoever finishes work last locks up the place. Everyone has a key, so whoever arrives first in the morning can open the door themselves. We just found that this has worked best for us.

The reason that I bring this up is that I had a major problem in the weekend. I came in to do some work and locked myself out. I immediately looked for a local locksmith near me. To my surprise I couldn’t find any phone numbers when searching online. I searched for the best locksmith in Anaheim and not a single local locksmith came up.

locksmith marketing case studyThis brings me to my case study – the importance of being visible to your customers. Let me ask you a question: “What do prospects see when they look for you or the service you provide?” If the answer is anything but your company, then you’re not doing things right. You should do everything you can to be the most visible company in your industry. Both online and offline.

The best way to increase visibility online is through carefully designing your website. This will ensure that your website is listed near the top when people search for you online. This is exactly what we do for local businesses in California and surrounding areas. You also need to ensure everything they see is indeed positive. For example I have seen companies that when searching for them, all I see is negative reviews about them. If there are any negative reviews on your company name, then you have to make it a priority to remove those or at least remedy the problem.

Another method we use to ensure your company is more visible to potential new clients is by providing local magazines and newspapers with content for their news stories. Start building relationships with local media as soon as you can. This ensures that whenever relevant, you will have a quote for the local media and are thereby building your brand awareness and more importantly ensuring people will call you when they need your service.

So back to our locksmith example to conclude this short case study. I was a customer in need. I had an emergency, yet there was not a single company that could help me that was on the top of my head. I had to go and search for a company. This type of customer is most valuable, as they need your service now. You must make the effort to ensure you’re more visible so as not lose out on desperate potential customers like myself last weekend!