How To Find The Best SEO Provider For Your Industry

which SEO to choose

Whatever industry you’re in, if you’re business is fuelled by new customers and leads (as most will be) SEO is important to your business. Whether you’re a farrier, a shop selling equestrian gear or a hotel – being seen by your customers is important. So let’s see how you can increase the number of people seeing your website online.

What is SEO?

which SEO to chooseSEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a really fancy way of saying “trying to get on top of the Google search results for specific search terms”. Many digital marketing agencies will do their best to confuse you and keep you in the dark about what they really do. The truth is SEO is complicated, but at the same time, it’s not as magical as some providers make it out to be.

How much should I pay for SEO?

This a very loaded question. We provide SEO services to many different industries, including the horse industry, and even we can’t give you a real figure. It really depends on what keywords you want to rank – in other words – when do you want your website to show up in Google. Certain keywords will be easy to rank for and therefore much cheaper. But if you’re going after something as competitive as “horse riding” it will cost you an arm and a leg to be number one in Google. A good SEO agency will be able to explain clearly what their pricing structure is and what they are doing with the budget you’re giving them.

It’s vital to really understand the competition you’re facing. The fast way to do this yourself is Google a few of the terms you’d like to be on the first page for and have a look at the websites on there. If these are “authority” websites, in other words, big well known sites, then it will be much harder, and much more expensive to do the SEO for your website.

Who should I hire?

This again is a frequently asked question, and it really depends on your budget. If you’re earning potential from a new client is large, you are likely to have a much bigger budget and can therefore hire a much better SEO agency like us. On the other hand, if it’s more a status thing, and you won’t be reaping much reward from being on top of Google, you probably won’t want to pay too much and the better agencies out there are likely to be out of reach.

The main key is to get some referral before hiring a freelancer of a full agency. Have they had success in raising other websites in Google? How do former clients of their talk about them – were they happy with the service?

Another deciding factor should be your industry. Have they had any previous success with your industry. Different industries can be completely different, and doing well in one, does not necessarily mean they would perform well for your industry.

So as you’re realizing by now, choosing the best SEO service provider for your particular industry is not as straight forward as the industry in general would want you to believe. The one thing I’d like to stress once again is to look at the previous results from the SEO freelancer or marketing agency, and make a decision based upon that.

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