How To Dominate Social Media In Your Market

Social media isn’t complicated. It’s easy. For example, you have Twitter. You tweet a message to your audience. This get’s shared. You grow your audience. However, while the theory is simple. Everyone who has tried it, will know just how difficult it can be. Nothing happens instantaneously. You might tweet daily or weekly for a year, with no retweets, no likes, no followers. It takes persistence to win at social media. Most people don’t have this persistence and that’s why they lose at social media.

Probably the best person to follow if you want to dominate social media in your market is Gary Vaynerchuk. I’ve added a video of him telling you to fake it until you make it. It shows that you need to stick to what you’re good at, and ensure you keep going and never give up. On the flip side, before you get going, you also need to ensure you are positioning yourself and branding your company in the right way to ensure maximum impact.

Don’t trust this guy? Well maybe you need to reconsider. Gary Vaynerchuk is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling author, who is an investor in some of the social media platforms we discuss and has an amazing marketing agency that caters for very interesting clients. So he knows what he’s talking about and can make a difference to your marketing strategy.

Rebelmouse, which we’ve talked about before, is an important element of your strategy but no one is using it to it’s full potential for some reason. We’ve searched the Internet for companies that are doing a good job with their social media and want to use them as an example. Take for example,, which launched recently. This website has a Nature’s Best Cures Rebelmouse page which gathers all its content and makes it easier for people to find what they are looking for. It can be done better, and we have a list of 10 things we could change right now. But the important thing is they are taking action, and they are consistently putting out new content which is great.

What’s more, this all feeds into the Nature’s Best Cure’s Twitter page which is building followers. Again, they could be doing things better, but they are consistently tweeting and posting new content on this social media platform. If they continue to do this, I wouldn’t be surprised that they build a large following on Twitter within a year or so. They key is that they keep going and like the video above explains, fake it until they make it. They have positioned themselves well, and know their target market by the looks of it. So this is a key example of how to market your business. Keep going, keep posting, keep producing new content. If natural cures and herbal remedies is your market, you need to consistently find new ways to help your readers.

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