How To Use Social Media To Market Your Business

social media for a business

Social Media is all around us, but how can you use it without wasting an entire day on Facebook and Twitter? Here we’ll take a look at the most popular social media platforms and let you know exactly which accounts you should open, how to set them up correctly and how to use them. If you follow the advice laid out in this post, you’ll be ahead of the game and know more than 99% of your competition.


Facebook is the big one! Everyone is one FB, and you should be too. The way to connect with your customers and potential target market is not through a personal platform but a business page. We tend to set these up for out clients to make sure they are optimized, but setting one up yourself isn’t that hard. Here is a great example of a company’s Facebook page. It has a description, a link to their corporate website, and regular updates on what’s new with this company. It’s one of the best ways to keep in touch with an audience that’s online all the time.


Twitter is another major tool you should have in your online marketing. Twitter is a little limited due to the small number of characters you can use, but they have a very large user base, and setting up a twitter account is incredibly simple. Again add a link to your own website, make the user name relatable to your business name and keep your audience updated on all the latest offers and promotions. A great example of a twitter profile can be found here. I would suggest you don’t try and reinvent the wheel but copy the format of these examples to get the quickest results.


social media for a businessWhile Pinterest is more time consuming than both FB and twitter combined, the audience isn’t there just to waste time. If you have a consumer product to sell, Pinterest┬áis where you need to be concentrating your time and effort. The majority of Pinterest users are young and female. Most of the users are American, but other countries are adopting this platform as well. The real key with this social media tool is that you can display pictures of your products which will be seen by all the potential buyers – studies have shown that women are actively looking for ideas on what fashion to buy on Pinterest. It might not be the most suitable platform is you don’t cater to this audience, but if you do, I would suggest you put all your effort into Pinterest. A great new alternative to Pinterest we’ve been experimenting with is Pearltrees. This Pearltrees site is a great example to follow.

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