Tips On Increasing Conversion Rates On Your Landing Pages

converstion rate

When it comes to conversation rates, there are a lot of theories out there. Having build many websites, and successfully converted thousands of customers, I wanted to give you some quick tips on how you can increase conversion rates on your website quickly and easily.

Increase user interaction
When a website requires the visitor to engage and actually do something, it is likely that user will stay on the page longer. A longer page visit is more likely to turn into a conversion. A great tool is a quick visitor questionnaire or survey. While you might lose some people at this stage, the more serious visitor and therefore most likely to convert, will participate. Another interaction can be providing an email address, which has the additional benefit of being able to follow up with that user, more on that below.

Capture user contact information
Email marketing is a big topic I won’t explore here but needless to say it is important to capture some contact details, preferably the email address of the visitor. This allows you to follow up automatically with that visitor over a period of time. Studies have shown that it takes multiple exposures before a conversion takes place, which email marketing can do easily.

converstion rateUnderstand your visitor
Who is your ideal customer? Target that exact person. Don’t make a landing page for the general public, make it with your ideal prospect in mind so you can increase chances of conversion. The user should be able to relate to the page he’s visiting.

Make your website relevant
Too many times, I click on an advertisement and it has nothing to do with what the advertisement was about. This is a huge waste of an advertisement budget if that’s happening to you. Make sure your entire funnel, from advertisement to landing page is congruent, easy to follow and most importantly simple. Don’t overcomplicate it or try to make it too fancy, it’s paramount that the visitor can find what they are looking for quickly or they will vote with their feet – or mouse button in this case.

Test, and then test some more
Never stop testing. Optimising conversion rates is all about constantly trying something new. New technology has made it incredibly easy to split test an idea against the current page. Keep changing little things to see what the effect on conversion rates are. Change colors, pictures. Keep testing new stuff!

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