What To Look For When Hiring New Staff

While it’s great news if a small business is growing, the pain of hiring a new staff member can be enough to go from loving your business to hating it. So we did some research, and found you some of the best tips on hiring and keeping new staff members.tips on hiring

1. The first step is to always be clear about what and who you need . It’s important that before you post an ad, you define the position clearly. You should understand very clearly what you will need them to do, and what you’re expectations are. List out all the responsibilities and then figure out how you can get those things done without hiring. If after doing this exercise, you still think you need to go out and hire someone new, then take that list and put it in your job advertisement.

A good job descriptions with clear and well thought through responsibilities is more likely to find a good candidate. Vagueness will likely attract someone with no clear targets in mind for the position.

2. The second big tip on hiring is to find out whether anyone at your competitors are looking to move. This is where your personal network will come in handy. Finding someone who knows the industry, knows your competition and is likely to already know how to do many of the required tasks is a big advantage.

3. Don’t get recruitment agencies involved unless you really can’t find anyone using your own network and job adverts. Agencies tend to be very expensive and in our experience are looking for that commission, not necessarily the best person for the job.

4. A great source of new candidates are your current employees. Do they know anyone who might be suitable for a position. If you’re a little bigger, you might want to put up an internal job posting. A second source we use a lot is online job boards. If we see someone we think is a good match for the firm, then we look into them some more. Usually their CV is available to us.

5. Do your research on potential new employees. While it’s not legal to use an online background check service for purposes like hiring, there are other uses. Read the guidelines before checking someone out.

For those looking to delve a little deeper into people, we recommend this Instant Checkmate review.

6. Make sure the person you’re considering will get along with current staff. Will he or she fit into the culture you’ve carefully created. If they are not compatitble, no matter how suitable they might be, do not hire them. They’ll create more problems than they are worth in many cases.

With these hiring tips, you’re sure to make a better decision. We wish you the best in your hiring process!

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